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The world has indeed become considerably smaller, thanks to unprecedented progress in the field of travel and modern transportation. Today – one can easily reach any point in the Philippines, thanks to game changers like low cost carriers, the boom in the Philippine’s tourism sector and the innate hospitality of the Filipino spirit.

And after you have explored the beautiful white beaches of Boracay, the cool city weather of Baguio and the enthralling islands of Palawan, you may want to experience the joys of international travels – whether it be visiting the modern cities of Singapore and Hongkong, or taking a cultural and gastronomic dive into Thailand or Vietnam. With travelling, you will never run out of possibilities.

That said – Sunny Day Travel & Tours was born to add one more stepping stone for travelers to go out and explore the world. As we are fond of saying, we are here to help you live, to travel and to discover.

Our mission is to help connect the communities we serve to the world by offering affordable travel related services such as airline ticketing, value package tours, hotel and accommodation bookings and other travel services.

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We hope you discover the joys of travelling and we wish you a wonderful sunny day!

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